Be a successful performer

Promo Package Presentation

A quick guide to preparing your entertainment package

Professional artists are professionally organized!

We encourage our artists to be organised as best as they can, just as they are on stage. We pay close attention to the quality and presentation of materials provided.

While being flexible with our options we try hard to present our performers with the best tools to succeed and let their talent shine !

Before you start, make sure you have prepared:

Evidence of your professional activities. All mentioned acts, dance disciplines must be supported by video presentations.

Video materials

  • Only recent videos, high quality, and filmed in a well lit environment.

  • No distortions, watermarks, or contact information

  • File should be labelled with the act name (ie; Straps-Duo)

Promo photos should include:

  • Portrait photo

  • Fitness - Full body photo

  • Act photos

  • Dancers should include shots holding a placard with the date written on it.

Resume / CV

  • Should include your full bio-metric data (height, weight)

  • Full list of your skills

  • Brief history of your training

  • Recent employers details

Use our preferred promo upload method, and experience the benefits!


Upload your promos directly to the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency database!

While our casting team is busy sorting out hundreds of emails arriving daily from artists, we want to make sure that by the time we are ready to review your email, your contact information, and promos will be in our entertainment database!

KEEP IN MIND! Artists who registered through the Artist Registration forms and uploaded their promos directly to our database will be given first priority, and included automatically into all current casting calls.

Advantages of this method!

  • Priority processing (your promos get straight to the top of the line)

  • Familiar interface and available in your language

  • Virus free! Safely upload files directly from your own device or Google Drive


  • Up to 10 act photos + 10 fitness photos

  • Up to 10 act video files + 5 videos for your other skills

  • Up to 2 CV's (for you and your partner)

  • For peace of mind - Edit your form after submit!


Submit your promo materials using file sharing

Great tool when submitting your promos with one of our artist registration forms

Keep your promos current, structured, and always available!

Use Google Drive file sharing functions to submit your professional promotional materials package. Great free solution already available to Gmail users and is great for anyone who's looking into all in one platform for their professional needs.

For Android, iOS, Mac or Windows users, Dropbox is a free to use file sharing system, allowing artists across the world effortlessly share their promotional materials with clients and entertainment companies.

Step 1 - Prepare your promo materials

Step 1 - Prepare you promo materials

Prepare your promo material, by arranging it in a folder named with your registration email within the Google Drive or Dropbox folder

  1. Within Google Drive or Dropbox, create a new folder labelled with your email address.

  2. Name your promo folder after your email (for example:

  3. Place Videos, Photos, and Resume within the main folder as shown on the picture

  4. If applicable, create subfolders within the Video and Photo folders, and name your files after disciplines you perform.



Create subfolders within the Video and Photo folders.

Organize your promos-Label folders

Label your files

Clearly label your resume, video and photo files.

Name your acts

Present extra skills

Provide your extra skills or additional acts you are able to perform!

Present your extra skills

Create and submit sharable link to your promo package

  1. As shown in the photo, right click on the promo folder you've created

  2. Copy the shareable link by locating Copy Google Drive or Dropbox Link

  3. Submit created link in the relevant field for promo materials during through the performer registration forms, or send your promo link in the email to and include it in your registration form

Step 2 - Copy shareable link

Step 2 - Copy shareable link

And don't forget to register your talent


Submit a quick application form today to become part of the Circus Guide Entertainment Talent Management Agency performing artist database and receive the latest casting calls, apply for jobs, and receive invitations to upcoming auditions!