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Large Scale Aerial Performances and the Ultimate 'Countdown' Spectacles

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Fairy Tale Shows


Walking Giants


Celebrating a decade of professional talent management

Beyond our expertise in the circus world we've been expanding our artist data-base to reflect the latest trends in  large-scale outdoor entertainment, building a widely varied collection of  incredibly unique  show concepts whose larger-than-life elements are guaranteed to sweep you away with their magic.

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With the recent entertainment industry boom and strong market competition, there is a demand for a quality highly engaging entertainment, taking festival entertainment as a whole, to another level.  Its an exciting time for impressive trendsetting and for entertainment that's outside the box. 

Lost Worlds

Grand parades

Illuminated mobile shows. 10-15 artists


Roving Acts 

Traveling musicians

5 performers. Set of 75 min , 2 sets x 45 min, or 3 sets x 30 min.


Fan Parades

Audience interaction

11-14 performers


Musical Chandeliers

This musical chandelier suggests the childish nostalgia of a music box combined with the dizziness of a funfair.

50 min. 17 performers


Aerial Circuses

Incredible open air circus performances

Up to 70 min of outdoor aerial circus spectacular. Featuring 9 performers and 3 crew.


Mobile Spectacles

A childhood mobile of toy drummers, come to life, and suspended from a crane.

10 performers. 45 min


Illuminated Aerial Bubble Performances

1 artist, 2 technicians per sphere. 2 spheres available


Crazy Parades of Flying Machines

Up to 80 min. Sumptuous street parade that ends with a spectacular fire show as the grand finale. Features 35 international performers and musicians. 


Fairy Tale Characters, Sway Poles, Improvised Performances, and Audience Interaction

And more…

A company specializing in complete atmospheric experiences including stilt walkers, sway poles, spheres, and pennyfarthing bikes

Club Shows 

Kids Shows

Shows with Sway Poles

Theatrical Acts

Colorful Walkabout Acts

More than 70 different styles and themes available


Big is Beautiful!

Size matters when it comes to outdoor entertainment. Look up and be dazzled!

Stilt Dancers, Statues, and Fire Shows


Swaying Above the Crowd

3-5 performers Technical crew 2 people Duration 20-25 min. 2 productions available. 


Did We Grab Your Attention?

Mysterious Nomads

A street performance that mixes popular traditions and more than a dash of fantasy. 


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Seasonal, Festive, and Themed!

10-20 performers


Parades of Toys

10-14 artists and musicians. Live music repertoire - Original music 5 musicians - acoustic fanfare, disco style, funk, festive etc


Urban Operas 

Three giant dolls in oversized crinoline dresses glide through the crowd. 14 performers. 2 hours in 2 sets of 1 hour or 3 sets of 40 min


Percussion Parades 

Male or Female drum corps.  LED costumes on Stilts or Monowheels.  4 to 20 artists available


A Fantastic Journey

A monumental and luminous show of celestial art in which music, images, and acrobatic feats lift your heart and restores your childhood wonder at the world. 55 min. 18 artists.


Incredible Balls Under Chandelier

Specially designed for the street, a monumental chandelier transforms the public square into a ballroom. 75 min. 28 performers


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Old Stories with Contemporary Perspectives

Outdoor Stage Shows with Live Music

Friendly Giants, Walking Monsters, Large Scale Parades, and Incredible Mobile Spectacles

Open Air Urban Theatres

Shows to impress!


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Ethereal Aerial Magic

When it comes to entertaining large crowds, we offer shows which can understood without words, and be seen from anywhere. Carefully selected family friendly spectacles.

Olympic Scale Events

Shows designed to engage and create once in a life time experiences through participation with the public.


Spectacular Headliner Shows


Water Parades & Shows Performed on Water

A giant troubadour or an elegant ballerina that undeniably convey big emotions that surprise everyone they meet on their way.

Colossuses whose mission it is to share worthy stories in the cities that they visit, transmitting feelings into unforgettable emotions.

Amazing outdoor spectacles, and giant moving machines to engage audiences across the continents.

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Giant Beauty

Creatures of Legend

The size and magnificence of these creatures is something incredible to behold. 


Walking Monsters

Endlessly bizarre and fascinating! Truly a once in a lifetime experience.