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Have you ever wondered why you don't get email replies from agents? The answer is simple. The online world is becoming an ever busier place with the amount and speed of information growing exponentially. It's harder to stand out from the crowd and stay on the radar. This is why we invite you to join our team, the new modern way, where your info will be kept and updated by you, as you grow and improve. We want our artist database to truly reflect where our artists are up to professionally and to make sure you don't miss out on being contacted for opportunities just right for you.

Professional artists are professionally organised!

We encourage our artists to be organised as best as they can be, just as they are on stage. We pay attention to the quality and presentation of materials provided.

Before you start, make sure you have prepared:

Quality video materials

  • Only recent videos, high quality, and filmed in a well lit environment.
  • No distortions, watermarks, or contact information
  • File should be labelled with the act name (ie; Straps-Duo)

Promo photos should include:

  • Portrait photo
  • Full body photo
  • Act photos
  • Dancers should include shots holding a placard with the date written on it.

Resume / CV

  • Should include your full biometric data
  • Full list of your skills
  • Brief history of your training
  • Recent employers details

Submit your unlimited promo materials using Dropbox file sharing

Keep your promos current, structured, and always available

For both Mac or Windows users, Dropbox is a free to use file sharing system, allowing artists across the world effortlessly share their promotional materials with clients and companies.

Step 1 - Prepare you promo materials

Step 1 - Prepare your promo materials

Prepare your promo material, by arranging it in a folder named with your registration email within the Dropbox folder

  1. Within Dropbox, create a new folder labelled with your email address.
  2. Name your promo folder after your email (for example:
  3. Place Videos, Photos, and Resume within the main folder as shown on the picture

Step 2 - Copy shareable link

Create and submit sharable link to your promo package

  1. As shown in the photo, right click on the promo folder you've created
  2. Copy the shareable link by locating Copy Dropbox Link
  3. Submit created link in the relevant field for promo materials during through the performer registration forms listed below, or send your promo link in the email to and include it in your registration form
Step 2 - Copy shareable link

Performer Registration Forms

Application forms for Street Performers, Roving Characters, and Buskers

Application forms for Street Performers, Roving Characters, and Buskers

Street Acts and Crowd Gatherers. Apply here!

To be considered as a Street Artist or Roving Character, and receive exciting updates and festival invitations

Casting Forms for Circus Performers, Large Circus Attractions

Casting Forms for Circus Performers, Large Circus Attractions

Circus Artists and Variety Acts only!

For circus artists, specialty acts, and large circus attractions seeking representation, and employment opportunities with our entertainment agency.

Applications for Stage Shows and Theatrical Productions

Applications for Stage Shows and Theatrical Productions

For all sorts of shows, duration 45 min and more, looking for touring opportunities. Applications for stage shows, dance productions, cruise ship shows, and special guest shows with duration of 45 min and up.

Applications for Stage Shows and Theatrical Productions

Job audition forms for Ballroom Duos, Latin & Rock'n'Roll Dancers

For Ballroom dancers, and Latin Couples as well as Rock'n'Roll dancers. Apply for jobs on land and sea by filling in a simple registration form.

Audition forms for Commercial Solo Dancers

Audition forms for Commercial Solo Dancers

This section is exclusively for commercial dancers seeking employment in the international entertainment arena.

Job application forms for Vocalists

Forms for Vocalists, and Production singers

To be considered as a vocalist for one of our production shows, please register with the sign up form.

Registration for Musicians &  Bands

Registration for Musicians & Bands

Cover bands and solo musicians

If you wish to be considered as a solo musician or a band, and would like to apply for well paid jobs on land and sea in various locations around the globe, please fill out the sign up forms provided.

Stage & Creative Personnel

Stage crew and creative

We are constantly looking for a new Stage Crew (Light designer, Sound designer...) & Creative Personnel (Choreographers, Composers, Show directors) to take placements in the production shows at sea and land.


With the recent cruise ship industry boom and strong market competition, cruise lines have upped the on-board entertainment stakes, taking cruise ship entertainment as a whole, to another level.

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