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We at the Circus Guide Entertainment casting department have simplified the online audition process for dancers of different styles and training backgrounds.

In order to efficiently retain and reference professional details, we have created a simple job application form, with the possibility to provide links to your dance promo videos, photos, and resumes to best display your professional skills.

With us you don't pay for listing your talent

There are no hidden costs involved with being associated with Circus Guide Dance Agency. There is no sign up fee. We don't lock dancers into exclusivity contracts, and we work on a commission basis only.


Circus Guide Dance audition department is currently presenting an opportunity for commercial dancers to register for upcoming jobs.

We are looking for strong commercial dancers and showgirls for jobs on land and sea. Candidates should be good all-rounders. Tap and tumbling skills are a bonus.

Girls should be minimum 167 cm (5’6”) max 172cm (5’8”)

Guys should be between 181cm (5’11) and 188 cm (6’2”)

You can register by submitting the dance application form below


To complete this form you will be required to provide links to your current promotional material ie; resume, photos, and videos.

  • All fields must be filled in English only. If you have trouble understanding anything, please ask someone to help, or use free online translation services.

  • You will be able to submit only one application form per person.

  • All submitted information will be processed and used by our dance audition team to monitor and qualify all applicants for future job possibilities, as well as live auditions.

How should I provide you with my promo materials?

A quick guide to preparing your entertainment package

We recommend keeping your promo videos, and photos in a permanent location, where they can be easily accessed and shared.

Before proceeding please familiarize yourself with both promo upload methods, and determine which one is best suitable for your needs.


Recommended method!

Currently Circus Guide Entertainment Agency is offering two ways of submitting promotional materials for performing artists (circus artists, dancers, musicians, shows) and entertainment industry professionals, through the file upload forms.

Or use file sharing

There are numerous free online file storage providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive.

Step 1 - Prepare you promo materials


Don't forget to tell all your ballet friends about us!

Traveling the world together, performing places and sharing expiries is always fun when your best buddy is by your side to share your experience. We try to accomodate where is possible and place couples, and friends on contracts, we understand that friendships and relations are best kept short distance!

What happens next after you submit the audition form?

  • Your application will be reviewed by professionals in the industry.

  • If necessary, we will contact you to provide additional promo materials..

  • If there is an open position for a dancer, and your application fulfills the criteria, you will be contacted with the proposal and detailed job conditions.

  • If we are holding an open call casting, or by invitation only auditions, you will be notified and invited to attend live dance auditions.

Joanna Nagle-McMenamin


Company director, booking agent, and talent manager.

A former dancer, Joanna studied classical ballet, contemporary, and commercial dance in Australia. Her career took her around the world including to Paris to the 'Moulin Rouge' as well as the 'Friedrichstadt Palast' in Berlin.

Your informations stays with us!

We are committed to what we do and will never under any circumstances will revile or trade your information with 3rd parties other than for purposes of promotion and job seeking with existing and prospective clients.


We love what we do, and hope you will love working with us as well!

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